Fit Mom For Life

Mommy workout classes are probably one of my favorite classes to teach! I used to be a nanny and an assistant teacher for an early childhood education center, so incorporating kids into my fitness career has been a passion of mine! As a mom myself, I understand the struggles that come with finding balance in life. I have struggled to get up, get going, get dressed, get food, get motivated, get results and just about everything else. I thoroughly enjoy helping other moms get started or stay motivated to become healthier.

I started a Mom’s workout program last year that began by hosting workouts at various parks around town. At the time I was also working as a group instructor at a local all female fitness studio. I was given the opportunity to teach classes in the gym during the day, which was amazing because the moms were able to bring their kids to class with them! Most kids just played and got in a fun play date, so the moms got to work hard and focus on their workout. It was amazing and inspiring to watch! I felt truly blessed to be leading these amazing hard-working women. Unfortunately, I suffered an injury that preventing me from working out all together! Classes came to a stop, but not an end. I am motivated now more than ever to get my classes back and running again. I miss my moms group and I miss the positive environment we were creating for our children. I am happy to be on the road to teaching again soon!

Watch out Vacaville… Summer of 2017 is going to rock!!



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