Self Love

I never understood what “self love” meant until I started my fitness journey. As a teenager and young adult I was insecure, self-conscious, withdrawn, and did not value my self-worth. So how did I change?

It began with some raw honesty… honesty from others who were close to me and eventually I had to be honest with myself. I began counseling  sessions, so I could talk freely about myself in a safe space and get some help directing my thoughts. It was truly a life changer!

I began to take control of my life in several ways. I was living in San Diego at the time with my husband and we had just become new parents! I followed through with my educational goals and completed my BA of Psychology 🙌🏼 Then it was time to focus on my body and my mindset! I began a fitness routine at home while I worked and took care of my son. I had to get pretty creative when I came to working out with my son around, but I made it work! I also started to clean up my diet. Nutrition was never something I valued, only because I never took the time to learn about proper nutrition and healthier options. I had to accept that reaching my fitness goals was only going to happen if my diet came first!

I found that the more I committed to change the more positive my outlook became. I began checking off goals from my list! With every checked goal I added another to the list. Never stop setting goals! I practiced self love by rewarding myself for positive changes, pampering myself (the outside should feel as good as the inside), and following my passions! I devoted myself to my family and surrounded myself with motivating, driven, inspiring people!

This insecure girl took control of her life and decisions and that is truly loving myself. Loving myself means choosing happiness and freedom. Freedom from my past, freedom from negative thoughts, and freedom from judgements brought on by others and myself. Loving myself is allowing “me” to shine.




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