Revitalize Wellness is a new and exciting chapter of my fitness journey!! I started out with a goal of losing some baby weight and becoming a healthier mom. Little did I know my personal fitness journey would become my passion for helping others. From online health coach to a personal trainer I have worked with so many amazing individuals who have fueled my passion and become my motivation for creating this wellness brand. Follow my journey as I strive to bring wellness alive in my community!!


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Our Moms workout classes are a fun and motivating way of getting a good workout while being able to include our kids! Our little ones get a fun play date while our moms are getting a structured workout with the support of a personal trainer and other group members! Our meet-ups are held at different parks around town, Al Patch track, in homes, and even some indoor gym spaces! We have a group support group for motivation on Facebook. Click on the link to join the Vacaville Moms Workout Group.

Vacaville Moms Workout Group